Global Graduates 2022

What’s it like to work in the real world? What does an office environment feel like? What kind of culture can graduates expect when they enter the workplace?

These are questions that every graduate asks when the search for employment. And it’s not surprising that for many graduates these are anxious times, especially after the last few years that have put many lives on hold.

As alumni of the University of Manchester, this week we opened our doors to three graduates from the University of Manchester’s Global Graduates Programme that lets students from underrepresented backgrounds learn about what they can expect in the workplace. The programme provides graduates with the chance to meet alumni across a range of sectors, gives them an appreciation of working practices in the UK and abroad and provides connections across a range of industries.

The graduates we met all came from different backgrounds but were keen to see and hear about the variety of roles that they could expect to fill in the legal world, how they could use their knowledge and skills in different roles, and what obstacles we all faced when we were starting out.

Seeking employment can be daunting. Sometimes there is too much choice and if you’re fresh out of university and not set on a specific career path, it can be confusing. But we found the graduates we spoke to were open to exploring a range of options, interested in meeting like-minded people and understanding what it is the drives us.

We wish them all the best on their journeys, and you never know, we might welcome them back to LLC one day.