Iktashef UK: LLC hosts Palestinian tech startups

We were delighted to host a delegation of leaders of Palestinian tech startups yesterday as part of Iktashef UK, a programme of tailor-made events for Palestinian businesses in the UK organised by the UK Palestinian Tech Hub and the British Consulate in Jerusalem.

The aim of the four day October programme is to build connections and networks, learn and understand more about the UK entrepreneurial ecosystem and meet experts across a range of areas.

One of the expert conversations that this delegation of Palestinian businesspeople had was with the team at London Law Collective. As a law firm that supports startups and growing businesses to thrive, and as part of our pro bono work to support Palestinian startups, we thought we’d be best placed to bring our years of expertise and knowledge to support these growing businesses.

The conversation ranged from understanding how to set up a business in the UK to navigating due diligence, investment mechanisms and forecasting. With many of these business on the road to growth, they were keen to hear some of the challenges that many startups face and what the opportunities are for growth in the UK.

One of the participants of the programme, Shadan Nassar, Founder and CEO of the wellness platform Shadana Yoga, said, “This morning’s session was really helpful and informative and gave a full picture of what it means to be a UK registered company. The
most interesting part was to learn about employment and made me realise what the environment is like for employment in the UK. Many of us know each other from other Palestinian business networks, but we are all here to learn and that’s the benefit.”