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Collective Culture

Being part of a collective means that everyone on our team, from staff to consultants, partners, suppliers and new hires are valued and have shared values.

We are committed to hiring excellent lawyers who not only want to build lasting relationships with businesses and help them thrive, but who are also keen to collaborate with like-minded people with different skills, diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

We are looking for people who want to have an impact on the success of our client’s businesses, create partnerships and ties with the legal community, but who are also empathetic and want to benefit society as a whole.  

If that sounds like you, explore our available legal jobs and we’d love you to get in touch.


Our central team of specialists (lawyers and otherwise) work collaboratively, as well as with a team of consultants to help deliver clear solutions for our clients.


As expert consultants, you will join a multi-national team, including people from a range of backgrounds, top-tier professional service firms and the business sector, strengthening our collective of like-minded specialists to help service our clients’ needs.

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Maheya's Story

“Jane Smith is exceptional, having a great blend of legal skills and commercial acumen as well as injecting a sense of fun into the business.”

Maheya Mirza worked at London Law Collective for nearly a year as an Executive Co-ordinator after completing a Law degree at SOAS. She is about to start a role as a Trainee Associate at Freshfields, embarking on the next adventure in her legal career. We spoke to Maheya about her time at LLC and what it meant for her as a graduate working in a law firm environment.

What was it like working at London Law Collective?

Working as an Executive Co-ordinator at London Law Collective was an incredible experience. When I first joined, I was eager to learn more about corporate and commercial law and the running of a law firm and managed to tick all of those boxes. During my time in this role, I worked very closely with the CEO and Founders and therefore interacted with many aspects of the firm and its work. I was also lucky enough to work closely with many incredible and talented lawyers and gain valuable skills and knowledge.

What was a typical day at London Law Collective like for you?

I usually got in around 9:30am, coffee in hand, went through emails and mapped out what I had on, and what was my capacity to take more things on as they came in. A lot of my time was spent interacting with fee earners regarding various matters of client onboarding and Anti-Money laundering regulations.

I was also given responsibility to interact with clients on areas where I could provide assistance; a responsibility I learnt a lot from, and spent time working on business development projects as and when they came in.

What was the most enjoyable part of the Job?

I know it sounds strange to say, but being able to take on the opportunities I was given, especially working on projects regarding business development and compliance was really enjoyable. It was the first time I was able to take a lead on these kinds of projects which taught me a lot and allowed me to get experience of collaborative working, especially in an office environment.

I also had a lot of fun planning our Christmas party!

What have you achieved?

Upon reflection, I achieved what I wanted from this role and more; I gained confidence in myself and my ability to work in the commercial law field, casting away any doubts I may have had. I also gained many meaningful connections and some good friends who I hope to stay in touch with.

What advice do you have for current and future graduates?

Open up your experiences as wide as possible. Working on the operations of a law firm taught me valuable things, that are not only specific to the legal industry, and have broadened my outlook. I now have a good understanding of the many factors you have to consider when running a business, and the way legal and commercial factors can affect a business.

It also taught me a lot about client service, and how to tailor my approach to different individuals and businesses as well as how to work on time sensitive matters and how to interact closely with my colleagues.

So, be ready to make mistakes. But be open to learn from them.

Amy's Story

“Jane Smith is exceptional, having a great blend of legal skills and commercial acumen as well as injecting a sense of fun into the business.”

Amy Wong worked for London Law Collective as a Paralegal for just over a year before joining Reed Smith LLP as a Trainee Solicitor. Working at London Law Collective was Amy’s first job in law following her Law LLB degree at the University of Exeter and an LPC MSc at the University of Law.

Before she left, we caught up with Amy to ask about her experiences of working as a Paralegal at LLC.

This was your first role in law, what did you like most about it?

I think that London Law Collective really was a great place to work. The team was very friendly and supporting and there was a caring atmosphere in the office which made me feel very welcome, especially when I was nervous about coming into my first role. Throughout my time with the firm, I felt that I was able to have frank and open conversations with colleagues when things got too busy, which was exactly what I needed sometimes.

I liked that the firm takes a real interest in professional development, and I was provided with regularly formal and informal feedback which I found really useful. Having frequent personal development meetings helped me understand my own limits when it came to my capacity and provided me with a sense of clarity as to how much work I could take on.

Working in a small firm has its bonuses. I was given responsibilities beyond my years and was given the opportunity of working directly with fee earners due to the small structure of the company, which exposed me to new areas of law on a regular basis, building my knowledge and experience.

But best of all, it was great to get to know everyone and build some really close relationships. The summer away day was a highlight, a real chance to let go, and also meet colleagues who I didn’t see in the office every day!

What kind of work did you do as part of your role?

I was lucky enough to work on a variety of corporate and commercial matters, including: acquisitions of companies, the squeeze-out procedure, funding rounds (Seed, Series A, Series B), apostilling of documents and assisting in small employment and litigious matters. My key responsibilities included drafting transaction document lists, running completion signings via DocuSign and making various filings by post and electronically at Companies House, so it was really varied.

I was also given the opportunity to write first drafts of corporate documents (board minutes, shareholder resolutions, subscription letters, deeds of adherence, shareholder agreements) which taught me a lot about attention to detail!

What did you find challenging?

Whilst it was great in terms of lots of immediate responsibility, I initially found it difficult being the only paralegal. I often had to deal with various urgent requests when they all came in at once from different fee earners (although this became easier when I got better at my job and a colleague joined who supported me). But saying that, working in a small firm can be very busy and so to have so much responsibility so early into my career was great!

What was the impact for you of working at LLC?

I’m not sure where to start! It gave me a great lift in my legal career journey and gave me experience of working in a corporate law firm in small teams, learning how to manage my day to day capacity as well as handling different time pressures and workload. 

I’m was sad to leave but thankful of the experience.