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We recognise that there are many options out there for high-growth start-ups, including legal tech platforms. And we recognise that putting your trust in a firm of lawyers is often daunting, but we don’t see it that way.

Our role is to work in tandem with you to help you navigate the legal complexities of the commercial world. This means that we won’t just sell you a document, but our specialists will provide strategic and drafting advice and legal services. We’ll respond to questions quickly and clearly, take a real interest in you and your business, finish the job, and importantly, anticipate challenges, thereby future proofing your business.

Our specialists have decades of experience between them, offering honest insight that will be tailor made for you and your business. And at all stages we will be transparent with you on timescale and fees.

Our Collective supports the following legal services:

Corporate law can be complicated. That is why our experts provide reliable strategic advice to help guide you through every element of a business’ corporate journey, from seed to Series A and beyond, including assisting with Board decision-making on a day to day basis, drafting and interpretating articles and shareholder agreements, share capital reorganisations and group structuring, M&A (buy and sell side) and exit matters. 

Fundraising is a vital part of our clients’ growth ambitions and we provide support from term sheet stage to completion. We advise on both debt and equity raises, and can assist with the various matters (including SEIS and EIS) that affect our clients throughout the process, whether it represents the first external funds into the company to support initial development, or the later investment that allows start-ups to power towards the next growth phase.

Retaining staff is vital for any business to thrive. Our specialist team of lawyers will support you on all aspects of employee incentive schemes and non-cash share incentives (e.g. EMI options and Growth Shares) to help retain staff.

We will help protect your business by ensuring that you have all the commercial agreements you need in place quickly, from supply contracts and IP licences, to JV agreements and NDAs, creating accessible and effective solutions, leaving you to focus on your day to day business.

Our team includes experts who cover all aspects of data protection legal advice, from data protection, GDPR and data audits, to drafting policies and procedures, empowering your business to grow.

Intellectual property recognises the power of ideas. Correctly managed IP helps you innovate and grow with confidence that the value in your business will be recognised and protected. Across the full spectrum of IP legal support, from the protection of the ideas themselves through to the expression of your business’ brand, our lawyers will help you integrate your IP into your commercial strategy to maximise your competitive edge.

Getting employment law advice right is critical. We understand that. Our highly-skilled experts will advise you on every aspect of employment law, from contract drafting, contractual terms and covenants, to disputes, departures and dismissals, supporting your business throughout.

Our fees

It’s a fact of life that disagreements happen. Whilst our transactional teams work hard to prepare agreements to future proof your business, if a dispute does happen, it is important that the solution is carefully balanced to ensure maximum positive outcome with minimum pain. Our highly experienced dispute lawyers are on hand to help you achieve just that.

Do you have a strategy to avoid formal or informal insolvency, restructuring or administration processes? Take it from us – it’s better to plan. Our international team of lawyers can give you expert advice on dealing with liquidator and regulatory claims, negotiate on your behalf with creditors and give you confidence in dealing with statutory demands, winding up petitions and more.

Many of our clients are focused on impact: from social enterprises to charities and B Corps. We can help you choose the right legal structure, protect your social mission and embed ESG reporting into your organisation. Our expert advice will help you navigate funding rounds, grants and issues of charity law.

When it comes to fees, we believe that a relationship with no surprises is best. Our fee arrangements are based on our many years of experience and knowledge of similar matters.

For most transactions, we’re happy to work to a capped fee arrangement or a flexible monthly retainer to help you with cash flow management. Either way you can be sure that what we agree will be the maximum fee you will be charged on any of your workstreams without further discussion, leaving you to concentrate on running your business knowing that we have your back.

London Law Collective embodies entrepreneurial spirit. Our advice is solution oriented and definitive - tailor made for the dynamic new world.

With many years of top-level experience, our strategic approach balances solving any immediate issues, helping you make the right choices for long term success. Using technology where appropriate is a given but, for our clients, we simplify the law itself, providing ‘magic circle’ quality blended with pragmatism that is rarely seen outside of the very best ‘in- house’ teams. All at a pre-approved price point for cost peace of mind.

Numbers don't lie

We work quickly to understand your business, giving timely, succinct advice tailored to the key commercial points for you and your business – all at a pre-approved price point for cost peace of mind.

Years managing multiple law firms

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Who We Work With

Our experience covers clients and partners across a wide range of sectors, many who are tech enabled, including media, fashion/beauty/wellness, education, fintech, finance, professional services, food and drink, healthcare and not for profit to name a few. Here are some of our clients and partners: