London Law Collective Joins Positive Luxury

Sustainability futures is the way forward for the luxury industry. Fashion, cosmetics, beauty and other luxury sectors are all looking at how they help to shape sustainable futures that will build trust with their consumers and sector partners.

At London Law Collective we support many brands that are now leading their fashion and luxury lines, providing fundraising as well as corporate and commercial legal advice. Many of our clients are global leaders in sustainable design, lifestyle and influence. But we realise that many of them need to legally adapt to a new climate economy.

That’s why we decided to join Positive Luxury, who accelerate the sustainability efforts of the luxury industry and keep their clients ahead of cultural and economic shifts. Positive Luxury enable their collaborative community of brands, suppliers and retailers to measure, manage and report their net positive impact across ESG indicators.

This collaboration will allow us to stay on top of the innovation in the ESG space and ensure that we are continually providing quality legal advice to our clients on key areas that they need to prioritise so that they can meet growing demands for transparency and continue to credibly communicate with their stakeholders and customers. We look forward to our involvement with Positive Luxury.