Mental Health Awareness Week

While it might be strange to think that mental health should only be spoken about or highlighted for one week a year, we at London Law Collective feel that there is still a long way to go for people to feel supported about their mental health, so weeks like Mental Health Week are important and we should take note.

This theme in 2023 is anxiety, that crippling feeling that many of us have, have had or may have in the future. For many it is a short-term feeling of unease, a lack of confidence or an inability to complete a task or see a friend, but for many it is a long-term debilitating issue that can impact people’s livelihoods, work and the social interactions they have with those around them.

Some members of our team work with people who are having a difficult time mentally. Michael Hornsey volunteers with The Listening Place, that supports people who are suffering from suicidal thoughts. For many people who visit The Listening Place, they are often in a place where anxiety has taken over their lives and need a place where they can discuss their feelings openly without judgement.

Many people suffer from on-going mental health issues and lawyers are included in that. For those lawyers who are struggling with issues of anxiety or mental health, we urge you to contact LawCare a charity that supports people working in law with mental health and wellbeing issues.

While it might seem glib to support yet another ‘week’, we hope that those who might be suffering in silence have the courage to seek the support they need and will feel a bit less alone this week.

Look after yourselves.