1% to the Planet donation

Every year we make a commitment to support a range of charities through our involvement with 1% for the Planet, a global movement that encourages its members to contribute at least 1% of its revenue to a good cause.

This year we supported Trees for Cities, The Felix Project, Healthy Seas and Goodgym. It’s ingrained in our values to give back to society and the environment and to do what’s right to support those who are most in need. That’s why this year we also became a B Corp and published our first Impact Report.

Here’s some info about these great charities, and we’d urge everyone to think about what you can do and give, especially as we approach the holiday season:

Trees for Cities wants to bring trees back to urban areas. They do this by working with volunteers to help bring life to forgotten spaces in communities; you could call it rewilding. These spaces then become healthier environments where people get to know each other and develop their knowledge on health, wellbeing, food and planting. 75% of volunteers who get involved learn a new skill and people also improve their levels of confidence, demonstrating the social as well as the environmental impact of their work.

The Felix Project is now one of the largest food poverty charities in the UK, and in 2021 provided food for 30 million meals. The Felix Project collects surplus food and delivers it to charities and community organisations on the front line who are helping those who are hungry. Due to the current cost of living crisis, 1 in 4 Londoners struggle to feed their families and yet, 3 million tonnes of edible food waste is generated in the UK every year. Thanks to their work over 12 million tonnes of food was recused last year which went to those who need it, including another charity we support.

Healthy Seas exists to clean up the fishing tackle waste in our oceans that fisherman and trawlers leave behind. Teams of divers and experts collect nylon nets and other debris and turn them into valuable resources creating yarn for the fashion and interior industries, while educating stakeholders and policymakers on the importance of recycling these products into objects for good. Over 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear is discarded into the ocean every year killing millions of animals and damaging the seabed. By cleaning up our seas, Healthy Seas is giving new life to earth’s vital oceans for the long-term.

This year we spent our away-day with the charity Goodgym that runs, walks and cycles to support communities by taking on tasks, such as building community gardens, delivering prescriptions to isolated older people and tidying youth centres. This is why this year we helped St Andrew’s Youth Club in Westminster to move equipment and tidy spaces to ensure that kids from the local area would be able to enjoy the facilities in the coming few months. Goodgym arose out of a frustration with normal gyms being a waste of energy and human potential – and responding to growing loneliness in cities and is a great way to help communities and individuals while getting fit.

1% for the Planet is only one of our long-term commitments to social and environmental justice. It’s easy to do and makes a real impact.