Our new B Corp Packages

In August 2023, London Law Collective was certified as a B Corp, joining a global community of purpose-driven businesses who are committed to collectively working with other businesses towards achieving economic and environmental change. To become a B Corp is not an easy task and is a major commitment for any firm, let alone a small business that has plenty of other day-to-day tasks and commitments. But after two years of hard work, vigorous assessment, verification and continuous improvement we were successful in meeting the high demands set by B Lab, to ensure that not only have we as a firm made the necessary changes to become a B Corp, but that we also remain committed to meeting the rising standards for social and environmental performance in the future.

It takes time and effort to start and stay on top of the process to becoming a B Corp, and we are here to help. Our experience over the past two years has given us the insight, knowledge and expertise of the process to help guide you and your business through the legal practicalities of getting prepared for being a B Corp. After all there is a lot to consider, such as: updating articles of association, shareholder agreements, Companies House filings, policies and ensuring that funders and shareholders are kept up to date. In many cases this may be complex and getting it right is critical.

That’s where we can help. We have developed a suite of packages that can support any business, large or small that is considering starting the process of becoming a B Corp ranging from providing document only support to a light touch, fully supportive and premium service. Throughout your business can be safe in the knowledge that our team have been through this process recently, so will provide you with the most up to date insight and knowledge of the process and what’s required throughout.

We believe that starting on the road to becoming a B Corp will impact not only the environment and society at large, but will also impact your staff, suppliers, customers and shareholders.

Click here to find out more about our packages of support or email Nicholas Lewis in our team for more info – Nicholas@londonlawcollective.com