Global Fashion Summit

The fashion industry faces numerous sustainability challenges. Not only the issue of affordable labour in certain parts of the world, but also the issue of long-term sourcing of materials, ethical production and other social concerns. Critical to the success of any fashion business today is looking at the entirety of its business, from sourcing the right materials to managing its staff and suppliers ethically. It’s what customers expect and the fashion industry knows that all eyes are on it.

At LLC we have helped many in the fashion industry to tackle some of these issues and are supporting them in their journey towards long-term sustainability. It’s part of our commitment to support companies that take sustainability seriously. Taking place on 7 and 8 June is the Global Fashion Summit that brings together stakeholders to discuss some of these critical issues in more detail. Some of our clients are there, talking about their challenges, but importantly building partnerships as they know that the challenge of sustainability in fashion is better faced together rather than alone.