Helping Palestinian start-ups

London Law Collective helps start-ups and thriving growth businesses with expert legal advice and support. It’s in our DNA. We guide businesses through every fundraising stage and help to create investment opportunities. But what happens when businesses are located in a part of the world where access to finance and training is complicated by geo-politics?

Palestine is one of those places. It faces innumerable challenges, and access to fundraising is just one of the many obstacles facing Palestinian entrepreneurs. That’s why, as part of our impact  programme, we have chosen to support Ignite; a coach-led training programme developed by the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy and the World Bank.

This dynamic programme supports innovative and ambitious Palestinian start-ups and SMEs to prepare and raise equity investment, access international markets, address skills and knowledge gaps and support businesses post-Covid. Participants will also have the chance to apply for an Ignite pre-investment grant to support the development of their business proposition, work with investors individually or as part of angel investing networks to improve access to investable opportunities.

Ignite aims to get Palestinian start-ups ready for investment and doing the law is a critical part of that. Our lawyers provide legal technical guidance to entrepreneurs through one to one coaching, mentorships and advisory sessions, and look at investor engagement opportunities for the businesses we coach.

Why? We do it because we believe that business, wherever it’s located, can support growth, individual happiness and create long-term change. We want these entrepreneurs to succeed.

“Working with these businesspeople in Palestine has been a fundamental reality check. It makes you think about how much we take for granted. This programme is something the whole firm has got behind. It’s important to us, and we hope it will inspire others to also lend their support.” David Farquharson, Founder, LLC.